Julie's great.  She's focused, she cares.  She draws on her extensive education and genuine concern for people and their health to make a difference in their lives.  In my partnership with her, Julie helps me create a plan in my everyday life to support my health, empower my decisions and give me greater peace of mind.  Linda


Julie Hani's Mindfulness Meditation workshop introduces the student to mindfulness meditation as a way to reduce stress and anxiety levels; to lower blood pressure; to promote attention, focus, and clarity of thought; and  to change unhelpful thought and habit patterns. It combines materials from the U-Mass Mindfuleness-Based Stress Reduction program,  Julie's experience as a Duke Certified Integrative Health Coach, and her own meditation practice over the years.

While the course assumes the participant has no previous meditation experience, my needs were somewhat different.  I had actually meditated a good bit in a variety of settings (Transcendental Meditation, Zen, Yoga, Sp ritual Workshops)  over the years. Unfortunately my previous practices never seemed to stick for more than a week or two, or past the end of a retreat. I needed a motivational kick-start that would turn into a long-term, daily routine. Julie's enthusiasm for her method was infectious, and her workshop filled the bill perfectly for me. She also put me in touch with online and community resources that I use currently and will continue to use in the future.

Over the last four weeks I've been meditating 40-60 minutes per day, every day, rain or shine. I now look forward to "my time on the cushion."  In general I feel calmer and my focus is improving both during meditations and afterwards. I've been pleasantly surprised at the positive effects meditation is having on previous obsessive-compulsive and attention-deficit behaviors. I'm "interrupting myself" less lately and managing time better.

Two things to mention about the workshop:

·  While this workshop is strictly secular, it could if the participant desired segue nicely into Zen, Vipassana, or Judeo-Christian based meditation or contemplation.

·  The workshop  weekly meetings by themselves will do you little good. YOU MUST DO THE HOMEWORK to benefit from the class. It's the doing that counts and provides results. As the old saying goes, "the best meditation practice for you is the one you do every day."

~  Fred W. Hansen
    Hendersonville, NC